• Menthoplus

    Indications: Any respiratory disease has direct negative impacts on the commercial parameters e.g ( weight gain, egg production and live ability ) and this causes considerable economics losses. Respiratory problems often manifest in formation of large amount of mucous which affect on oxygen in take lead to less energy, and all this Read More
  • Ultraimmune

    Indications : Ultraimmune is stimulate the immune response, modulates activity of several enzymes Act as antioxidant and growth promoter, improve feed conversion ratio, feed utilization efficiency, source for vitamins, minerals & amino acids . Reduced stress on immune system, improve carcass quality, contain specific element which act directly on immune system and Read More
  • Myconal

    Composition & Indications : Saccharamyces carvisiae (mannan oligo-saccharide,glucan,Rammose and xylose )bind mycotoxins in gut and suppress the growth of harmful microorganism. Yeast fermentation extract contains vit.B complex,amino nitrogen,protein it acts as biological detoxifying by action of BIO- transformation of toxins. High concentration of organic acids(Phosphoric, Lactic and citric acids) it acts acidifies Read More
  • Ampro-dix

    Composition : First bottle contain : balanced formula from * betain * amprolium * phytomenadione Second bottle contain : diclazuril Indications : Ampro-dix is a potent coccidiocidal agent. It is effective against Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mitis (mivati) , E. maxima. E. ovina and E. ovinoidalis Ampro-dix acts against different intracellular stages of Read More
  • Acti-forte

    Composition : each 1 ml contains : # Name Conc 1 Ammonium chloride 150 gm 2 Sodium chloride 12 gm 3 Potassium citrate 50 gm 4 Biotin 5000 gm 5 Sorbitol 300 gm 6 Potassium chloride 15 gm 7 Magnesium sulphate 65 gm 8 D.L Methionine 19.8 gm 9 Vitamin C 49.5 gm Read More
  • Alphaligo plus

    Composition : each 1 ml contains : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin D3 80000 I.U 2 Phosphoric Acid 300 gm 3 Calcium 11.6 gm 4 Zinc 12.75 gm 5 Magnesium 50 gm 6 Manganese 10 gm 7 Iron 18 gm 8 Copper 1000 mg 9 Sodium 50 gm 10 Propylene glycol 50 gm Read More
  • Ade3

    Composition : each 1 ml contains : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin A 100 million I.U 2 Vitamin D3 20 million I.U 3 Vitamin E 20 gm 4 Propylene glycol 50 gm Indications : Highly concentrated liquid containing vitamin A, D3 and E for prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis. General improvement and of fertility Read More
  • ID-Eselin 20%

    Composition : each 1 ml contains : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin E(alpba tocopherol qcetate) 110 mg 2 Selenivm (sodium selenite) 200 mg Indications : ID-Eselin 20% is recommended for all kind of poultry and with high production capacity. ID-Eselin 20% use in pouitry during growth and laying period –and to prevent round heart Read More
  • ID-Bblex

    Composition : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin B1 7000 mg 2 Vitamin B6 5000 mg 3 Vitamin B5 2000 mg 4 Biotin 80000 mg 5 Vitanim K3 4000 mg 6 Methionine 12000 mg 7 Vitamin B2 2000 mg 8 Vitamin B12 120 mg 9 Vitamin PP 25000 mg 10 Folic acid 2000 Read More
  • Phyto-K

    Composition : Phyto-K contains Vitamin K(Phytomenadione) which is an essential co-factor in the hepatic synthesis of prothrombin and other blood clotting factors.Phytomenadione is a naturally occuring vitamin K. It is the only vitamin K compound used to reverse hypoprothrombinaemia and haemorrhage caused by anticoagulant overdose. Indications : It is used for treatment Read More
  • Dify

    Indications : Dify is an acidifyer product, mix of organic acid, which optimizes the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Dify acts at several levels: It stimulates the proliferation of the lactic flora at the expense of the intestinal pathogenic flora. It stimulates the development and restructuration of intestinal villi and epithelium, Read More
  • ID-Madura

    Indications : Maduramycin is an ionophor coccidiostat that affect on Eimeria species e.g. E.tenella, E.necatrix, E.acervulina, E.maxima & E.mivati in broilers, pullets, and turkey ( Maduramycin is ten times stronger than the other ionophor coccidiostats ) Also it improves weight gain and feed conversion rate . It has not interaction with Tiamulin and growth promotors Read More
  • Ivolone

    Indications : Ivolone is a ready-to-use sterile solution containing 1% Ivermectin and 10% Clorsulon. Ivermectin : shows a great activity against wide range of parasites from Nematodes to Ectoparasites. Has a unique mode of action : In roundworm : stimulates the release of GABA from nerve endings and enhances binding of GABA to special Read More
  • Kaopektin

    Indications : Conjugates with toxins of schigella, vibrio and pseudomonas : Prevent viruses from getting into the cells , Prevent diarrhea and poisoning caused by some inorganic chemicals (copper, cadmium, plumb and others). Pectin : Polysaccharide with mentholated polygalacturonic acid structureSclerosant. Regulates the peristatic movement of intestine when combined with kaolin, it prevents excessive Read More
  • Iksir

    Indications : Used for the purposes of preventing the insufficient progress in growth, increasing the versatile animal yield covering A, D3, and E vitamin deficiencies in foods caused by unsuitable storage and preparation conditions and providing the necessary support minimizing the conflicts caused by suppressive environmental conditions providing the needed vitamin Read More
  • Amoxycillin-30%

    Composition : Each 100 gm Contains : # Name Conc 1 Amoxycillin Trihydrate 32.2 gm 2 Eq. To Amoxycillin 30 gm / 100 gm Indications : Amoxycillin 30% is effective in the treatment of enteritis strept infection (arthritis,meningitis)and urinary tract infection . Amoxycillin 30% is effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases . Amoxycillin sensitive infections in Read More
  • Diclo-K

    Composition : Ciprofloxacin Metronidazole Vitamin K3 Iron Lactose as Carrier Read More
  • ID-Stress

    Composition : Potassium chloride Sodium chloride Magnesium sulphate Vitamin C Vitamin K Methionine Threonine Lysine Copper Dextrose lactobacillus Excipient s.q. till 1 Kg Menthol . Read More
  • ID-Vit-C 20%

    Composition : Each 1kg Contains : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin C 200 gm 2 Dextroes carrier q.s. Read More
  • ID-vit-k3

    Composition : Each 100 gm contains : Vitamin K3 10 gm . Read More
  • B-2-Plex

    Composition : # Name Conc 1 Vitamin B1 4000 mg 2 Vitamin B6 4000 mg 3 Vitamin k3 8000 mg 4 Methionine 60000 mg 5 Folic acid 2000 mg 6 Cal- D pantothenate 3000 mg 7 Vitamin B2 2500 mg 8 Vitamin B12 3000 mg 9 Choline 27000 mg 10 Biotin 3000 Read More
  • Vitamix

    Composition : Vit A Vit D3 Vit E Vit K3 Vit B1 Vit B2 Vit B6 Alnicotink Acid Pantasonic Acid Read More
  • Diclo Feed

    Indication : Reduction of intestinal pathogen : In case of infection by ( salmonella – e coli - clostridia - staphylo cocus - sterepto cocus). Increase feed intake . Mould inhibitor . Read More
  • ID-Nil Plus

    Indication : ID-Nil Plus is synergic mix of acid salts (calcium and Sodium propionate), Organic acid (Propionic and Formic acid),Hydrated Sodium Calcium aluminum silicates, si-dioxide and activated charcoal. ID-Nil Plus is mycotoxin binder. ID-Nil Plus for effective control of a wide range of mould and mycotoxins feed and raw material and Read More
  • ID-Ril

    Properties : ID-Ril contain Diclazuril which derived from penzoacetonityle group it is very stable under the influence of heat and high moisture. ID-Ril is coccidio-cidal against E.tenella, E. Acervuline, E.brunetti, E.Necatrix, and E.maxima. Indications : ID-Ril it is used to prophylaxis and treatment of coccidiosis. ID-Ril it helps to increase the weight Read More
  • ID-Mix

    Properties : Broiler Supplements Layer Supplements Livestock Supplements Turkey Supplements Special Orders Read More
  • Panoxylene-5%

    Indication : For treatment and control of infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to oxytetracycline as respiratory tract and urinary tract injections, enteritis , mastitis ,endometritis , wound infections, abscesses and navel- ill in cattle, sheep, goats & pigs. Read More
  • Home Mash

    Properties : In case of deficiency of vitamin & minerals . Increases growth of calves. Rumenal tonic acts as appetizer and helps for better digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Read More
  • Minalyte

    Composition : Phosphor Calcium Magnesium Sodium Potassium Copper Manganese Iron Zinc Cobalt Methionine Lysine Read More
  • Activate

    Composition : Activate Inject-able Solution is a bluish, sterile solution containing : # Name Conc 1 Copper gluconate equivalent to 2.5 mg copper 2 Sodium selenit 1.25 mg 3 Manganese gluconate equivalent to 5 mg manganese 4 Zinc gluconate equivalent to 5 mg zinc per ml Uses & Indication : Activate Inject-able Solution is Read More
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    Idpco Animal Health Read More
  • Our Team

    Our team in Idpco Animal Health Read More
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Idpco Animal Health

is a fast growing Veterinary Pharmaceutical Co. started operations in 2008 Our company purpose activity is Trading , Storing Import and commercial agencies in the field of veterinary medicines and feed additives , Disinfection , veterinary vaccines and serums .



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